June 14, 2024

SEMITONE Design Studio

IKIES is a boutique hotel located in Oia, in the Northern part of the island of Santorini. It is made up of a handpicked collection of traditional caved-in island houses.
Offering private dining services, they needed a menu that would be placed at each room. The menu would be also present at the table when guests dined and include every item offered. Additionally they needed a pamphlet, so guests would indicate the items they wanted for breakfast.

The primary need we had to cover was that it needed to be present at the table while guests dined. To keep it as intact as possible we chose a PU leather hardcover that is both sturdy and water resistant. Its dark color also ensured that it wouldn’t hold stains. The hotel logo and typographical elements of the menu were embossed on the cover, giving it a character of elegance.
The layout design of the menu needed to convey the hotel’s identity, while encompassing every item category. Our solution features the hotel’s brand gray color in all elements. The layout and placement of the elements changes in each category, which playfully separates the varying categories from each other. Additionally we adorned the layout with minimal illustrations, describing the category they are placed in. All the above, compose an elegant layout that is varying enough to include all items and elegantly uniform, suitable for a luxury hotel.
The pamphlet design was based on the menu and meant to accompany it, having the same typographical elements and colors. It is A4 in size, as to be printed in the premises and features checkboxes and blank spaces, to be filled by each guest.

Designer : SEMITONE Design Studio

Location : Athens, Greece

Project : IKIES Santorini Menu

Client : IKIES Santorini