July 8, 2024


“Sappe Beauti” is a functional beverage that has been newly revamped, emphasizing a design that appeals more to Gen Z. Under the concept of “Embrace Yourself,” it incorporates flowers to symbolize love and self-love as key elements in its design for all four bottles:

“Collaskin” formula, containing collagen and vitamin E, with a pink bottle using chrysanthemums to symbolize pure-hearted love.
“S-lim” formula, containing fiber and L-carnitine, with a light green bottle using lilies to symbolize gentle and tender love.
“Beautitox” formula, containing chlorophyll and zinc, with a dark green bottle using sunflowers as symbols of encouraging love.
“Beauti Eyes” formula, containing extracts from goji berries and lutein, with a red bottle using chrysanthemums to symbolize lively and fresh love.

Moreover, each bottle features diverse representations of people in terms of body shape, gender, and skin color, emphasizing support for diversity and equality.

Designer : Sappe.Studio

Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Project : “Sappe Beauti” packaging design

Client : Sappe