January 18, 2024

Provincia Estudio

M4t3ri4 is a Peruvian jewelry brand that uses innovative technology in jewelry creation and user experience. They differentiate themselves by designing and producing unique pieces using technologies such as virtual reality design, 3D printing and blockchain, which allows their traceability and use in the metaverse. His creative process delves into the particularities of the natural world, as in some of his pieces that combine shapes and textures of algae and mollusks from the Pacific with beetles from the Amazon, proposing impossible interactions. Following the initiative, concept and creative process of the project, we created a brand that maintains the neat aesthetics of the art of research and experimentation. We saw that the creation of jewelry was similar to the decomposition of matter into its three base states (solid, liquid and gas) and we represented it by the union and separation of molecules that make up matter. The matter itself and its elements that make it up, such as particles, were the inspiration for the design of the logo, representing them with points; This symbol is developed in various graphic elements (logo, ISO, resources, etc.) adapting to the versatility of the brand; The holographic texture is also included since the color in it is always something that is constantly changing like the material itself and in this way enhance the concept.

Designer : Provincia Estudio

Location : Peru, Arequipa

Project : Materia