June 16, 2024

Pooja Shah

Located in Portland, Fabel is a comic book store founded by childhood friends Max and Lily, bonded by their shared love for comics. With its warm atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, Fabel Comics & Collectibles is more than just a store—it’s where dreams take flight on the pages of every comic. Fabel aims to share that same vibe with all its readers. People of any age can become friends – just start by discussing your favorite superhero or villIan.

Logo and Design Elements
Typography: The font used in the logo is bold and blocky, which conveys a strong and
impactful presence. This style is often associated with comic book fonts, making it immediately recognizable to fans.

Logo and Design Elemnts

The “A” in “FABLE” is designed with a lightning bolt cut through it. This element is reminiscent of superhero iconography, suggesting action, power, and excitement.

The “O” in “COMICS” is stylized as a speech bubble, which is a direct nod to the comic book medium where speech bubbles are a key visual element. This reinforces the theme and purpose of the store.

Designer : Pooja Shah

Location : Delhi, india


Client : Lily and Max