June 15, 2024

Plus One Studio

Diệu Âm Spa is a convergence of sound and relaxation, where each melody played undertakes the mission of healing and relieving stress. At Diệu Âm Spa, sound serves not only as background music but also as the essence of each health and beauty treatment. Dieu Am Spa believe that sound has a unique power to soothe the soul, helping you forget the complexities and pressures of life.

The objective of the logo for Dieu Am Spa is to create a visually appealing and soothing design that encapsulates the spa’s essence of tranquility and comfort. The logo will feature stylized typography, with particular emphasis on modifying the letters “D” and “A” to convey a soft and serene feeling. Utilizing a handwritten font, the design aims to evoke a personal and welcoming atmosphere, harmonizing with the spa’s mission to provide a relaxing and intimate experience for its clients.

We started by understanding the brand essence, which evokes a sense of wonder and serenity, aiming to provide a relaxing and comfortable experience at the spa. The letters “D” and “” should be stylized with soft curves to create a harmonious and gentle look, with the curves flowing smoothly to represent relaxation and serenity. Begin with rough sketches of the letters, experimenting with different curves and styles, and combining them in various ways to find a harmonious and balanced design.

Designer : Plus One Studio

Location : Vietnam

Project : Dieu Am Spa

Client : YSL International