March 21, 2024

Patricia Machado

GRANDES ENSAIOS Magazine and GLOBAL EXPEDITION are two magazines specialized in car trials, travel and adventure.
Where it is shared through photographs, experiences and the joys of the world
Our audience are lovers of cars and life without borders.

Each digital edition focuses on promoting a specific product, in a specific location, giving it visibility in tourism terms and exposing its secret “jewels”.

With an innovative approach, we like the idea of bringing a new breath of freshness and youth so that our readers can enjoy this reading to the fullest.

The goal was to create an identity system that communicates the brand’s DNA, its modern and minimalist spirit.
that would be well recognized by its audience and that would be seen as a professional brand by potential new clients.

The logo is set in a custom san-serif font
A notable feature of the logo is the inverted “E”, which reflects the youthful spirit of the brand.
The identity is also accompanied by a vibrant color system that fits perfectly with the minimalist and light environment in which the minimalist and light environment.

These are must-read magazines for anyone interested in cars, culture and adventure.
For anyone who wants to explore the history of a place.

This project can also be seen as a travel diary with tips given by the author.
We hope you can travel a bit as you flip through its pages.
Have a good trip!

renowned car brands on the market
Editing: Glória Oliveira
Texts and photos: Manolo
Technical advisor: Alberto Pascual

Designer : Patricia Machado

Location : Porto, Portugal

Project : Grandes Ensaios