January 11, 2024

Pablo Guerrero Studio

“Wine for Home” is a lively collection of bag-in-box wines with red, white and rosé varieties for your everyday enjoyment. In each box, the packaging recreates a building, with a fresh and cosmopolitan style. The goal of the project was to express the values of this wine in an urban, fun and colorful way, specifically designed for home consumption.

The images of each “building” are carefully selected and harmonized, showing a vivid slice of urban life on each box, also bringing these architectural textures to all its sides (roofs and floors included).

And to further invite playfulness and careful observation, we introduced a pair of “Easter eggs” in each box, in the form of living elements and birds, in different places for each model and capacity.

Thus, this collection in a “Bag-in-box” format visually embodies a contemporary and accessible option for those seeking a hearty wine experience at home.

Designer : Pablo Guerrero Studio

Location : León, Spain

Project : Wine for Home, a bag-in-box Collection