March 8, 2024

Pablo Guerrero Studio

Toxo is a wine brand label project with tactile artwork. The naming and design focus on the bush and flowers of the native Galician gorse bush (“toxo”).

This bush feaures a sweet and friendly appearance and, at the same time, a sharp character. This same idea also fits with the personality of its winemaker, Olga Verde: as a child she was nicknamed “Toxiña” (small toxo) comparing her temper to this very shrub.

The naming and sober label also fits with the sustainable origin of this red Mencía (a northwest Spanish varietal): conveying a sense of complexity and authenticity that resonates with the right audience, those fascinated by author wines such as this one.

Designer : Pablo Guerrero Studio

Location : León, Spain

Project : Toxo a state wine, tactile and artful

Client : Olga Verde