May 27, 2024

Oden Studio

Born from a simple chat among friends, Elevador is a company that transforms wellness by innovating how we move. It tackles the challenge of fitting exercise into busy schedules by offering scientifically-supported guided movement packs. Elevador has introduced three packs: dawn, midday, and dusk, with dawn already available for use.

The brand embodies friendliness, simplicity, and clean design, making its products not only beneficial for wellness but also a great fit for modern homes. Its design features an easy-to-read typeface, natural colors, and an earthy background, offering a welcoming vibe. Elevador’s design underlines its commitment to promoting active lifestyles and wellness.

Creative Director: Merril Cledera
Junior Graphic Designer: Ahimsa Llamado
Illustrator: Cha Pornea
Brand Strategist: Igor Dunikov

Designer : Oden Studio

Location : New York City, U.S.A.

Project : Elevador

Client : Elevador, LLC