July 7, 2024

Mohamed Elmeshad

Lilac is more than just an interior design Studio, Established in Qatar, it’s a beacon of creativity and innovation in the realm of interior design and architecture more than just an interior design studio.

Lilac Interior Design Studio epitomizes the pinnacle of architectural refinement, renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence and avant-garde design solutions. Specializing in bespoke interior architecture, our studio operates at the intersection of innovation and sophistication, crafting immersive environments that transcend mere functionality to evoke emotive experiences.

It is important to stand out nature in good connection with the meaning of the brand and name so in lilac we show the meaning of the brand, which refers to a beautiful flower that usually grows in mountains, in making the shape of a window which views the beautiful nature that lilac is part of and bolding the sunlight on the colorful flowers, And throw that we made a luxury design that combines nature and modernity with soft and smooth colors.

Designer : Mohamed Elmeshad

Location : Cairo, Egypt

Project : LILAC – Brand Identity

Client : Lilac