May 29, 2024

MELT Design

Clemens Chocolate has begun the process of exporting its products and entrusted our expertise to design their new packaging. Seeking a more creative, cheerful, and innovative approach, they presented us with the challenge of infusing into the packaging all the quality that defines the brand.

Artisanal chocolates, crafted with fine, organic Brazilian cocoa. Beyond these appeals that already make Clemens products highly special, our discussions with the client revealed that the brand’s narrative holds extraordinary aspects.

The name Clemens pays tribute to the owner’s grandfather who migrated from Siberia and arrived in Brazil in 1933, going through various countries over nearly a decade. His life was so filled with adventures that became a book. Upon obtaining a copy, we immersed ourselves in this story rich in characters, settings, and elements that shaped Clemens’ childhood and youth. We then decided it would be incredible to bring them to life in the new packaging.Numerous passages from the book served as inspiration for illustrations characterized by bold and striking brushstrokes, such as the goose that represented the happiest moment of his life, the snake that frightened him on his journey, the beautiful pine grove where he camped, the jaguar that crossed his path, and the Russian coat that warmed him on dreadful winter days.

The complete product line features various chocolate bars, each composed of different ingredient combinations, which were also illustrated and incorporated into each composition, ensuring that every product hold unique details waiting to be explored.The outcome is a standout portfolio of products that effectively communicates the distinctive personality of the brand, carrying the blend of elements and cultures that would only come together in a surprising story like this one.

Designer : MELT Design

Location : Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

Project : Clemens Chocolate

Client : Clemens Chocolate