June 20, 2024

May design team

The May team is extremely happy to have loyal clients like Mèo Food, who continuously return and trust in our design capabilities. Mèo Food, also known as Tiệm Bánh Mèo, is a renowned brand for rice paper snacks in Bến Tre, Vietnam, with a broad distribution network across agencies and convenience stores in the southern region. Over the past two years, the Mây team has been honored to work alongside Mèo Food, supporting the design of more than 30 snack products for the brand.

For this collaboration, we chose a youthful and modern design style, tailored to the young demographic, to create packaging that is distinctive and easily recognizable. Regarding the packaging form, we used a stand-up pouch with a convenient zipper, which helps preserve the product after opening. The packaging has a rectangular shape with rounded corners, providing a soft and easy-to-hold feel.

Project: Snack packaging
Category: Packaging
Client: Meo Food Co.
Project Manager: Ha Van
Photographer: Meo Food
Designer: Nguyễn Hoàng Tấn Tài
Team: May design – Thiet ke co tam

The product name features a playful and youthful twist using the Goham font, characterized by thick and clear strokes. This, combined with detailed illustrations of key ingredients like cheese, garlic, beef, chicken, and shrimp, creates a youthful, modern design that captures the attention of consumers.

Designer : May design team

Location : Dong Nai, Vietnam

Project : Snack packaging design

Client : Meo Food Company