July 3, 2024

Kleanthis Loizou

Arrosa Lorea is a luxury flower shop and guest house nestled in the picturesque countryside of Pera Chorio-Dali, Nicosia, Cyprus.The shop is situated within the charming confines of a meticulously renovated 1912 traditional Cypriot home. The name Arrosa Lorea is derived from the french words for “rose” and “flower,” reflecting the shop’s commitment to creating beautiful floral arrangements that evoke both traditional and modern aesthetics.

The shop’s decor is a tribute to both French and Cypriot traditions, with carefully curated pieces that highlight the beauty of both cultures. The amalgamation of both cultures is a result of the family’s ownership, as they have a Cypriot-French background.

In addition to its stunning floral arrangements, Arrosa Lorea offers guests a unique experience with its guest house, which features luxurious accommodations in a serene, natural setting. Whether seeking a tranquil retreat or a one-of-a-kind floral experience, Arrosa Lorea is the perfect destination for anyone seeking beauty, comfort, and relaxation.

The shop is focused on creating beautiful, high-quality floral designs that combine traditional and modern aesthetics, while paying homage to both French and Cypriot traditions. Additionally, the business offers guest house
accommodations, allowing customers to experience the beauty of the surrounding countryside while enjoying luxurious amenities.

Embarking on the design journey for Arrosa Lorea involved the intricate task of forging a one-of-a-kind agricultural brand that not only stands apart from the competition but also encapsulates a distinct free-spirited character emblematic of the brand’s core values. At Arrosa Lorea, the goal was to create more than just a place; it was about establishing a sanctuary where visitors could transcend into a serene state, fully immersed in the idyllic beauty of the Cypriot countryside.

The essence of Arrosa Lorea extends beyond its agricultural roots, aiming to foster a profound connection between individuals and the environment. Here, the visitor is encouraged to engage in an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary, allowing them to embrace the tranquility of nature and appreciate the delicate interplay between the land and its inhabitants.

What sets Arrosa Lorea apart is its commitment to encapsulating a unique fusion of Cypriot and French cultures. This amalgamation creates an ambiance that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also culturally enriching. The brand becomes a bridge between two distinct worlds, offering a delightful blend of traditions, flavors, and experiences that resonate with both the local and international audience.

In essence, Arrosa Lorea is more than an agricultural haven; it is a carefully curated tapestry of experiences where the soulful connection with the Cypriot countryside and the harmonious coexistence of cultural influences come together to form an unforgettable and distinctive narrative.

Designer : Kleanthis Loizou

Location : Nicosia, Cyprus

Project : Arrosa Lorea by Bidalou

Client : Arrosa Lorea by Bidalou