May 11, 2024


What truly sets this project apart is its distinctive multi-layered construction. Three different elements come together to create a sensory experience. The foundation is laid with Fasson® PP 50 Top Clear, a transparent polypropylene paper, offering a clear window into the product itself. This base is topped with Fasson® Cotton Touch FSC® paper, adding a touch of softness and a vibrant blue tone. Finally, the pièce de résistance: an embroidered portrait of the brand’s owner. As a guarantee of quality, bitters were historically characterized by the founder’s signature on the label, and in this concept, the founder’s portrait is added to the label to add a modern twist. This detail elevates the label and transforms it into a miniature work of art. The label is masterfully printed by Rotas, a manufacturer with advanced technological expertise specializing in premium labeling.


Location : Trento, Italy

Project : Frutto Del Garda

Client : Frutto Del Garda