June 7, 2024

TSMGO | The Show Must Go On

A laid back August noon underneath the Aegean sun. A simple wooden table with a plain white cloth, right next to a sandy beach. Every dish is a delicious treasure. Every bite is a rare Mediterranean gem. A mouth-watering feast begins as the gentle sea breeze meets the delightful aromas. Is it a dream or a memory? One thing is for sure; savouring it can become a reality! Magnificence in simplicity. That’s the essence of Greek cuisine starting with the ingredients. “Seven Ate Nine” brings you that feeling of delight through a series of authentic products. Enjoy the rich culinary heritage of the Mediterranean’s finest. Transform every meal into a unique gastronomic experience that transports you to the land of the Olympians. Whether it’s a light snack or a cozy dinner, Seven Ate Nine can make any moment taste ambrosial. Just like that sunny day back in August…
Seven Ate Nine is a new series of traditional Greek products for the British market. The range includes traditional pies and bougatses (traditional sweet or savory pies), Thessaloniki buns, pitas, breadsticks, sousamines (sesame-based treats), cookies, etc., and is constantly enriched with new products. According to the client’s brief, the design style was requested to be playful & joyful, using illustrations and modern aesthetics to communicate and promote the richness and quality of Mediterranean gastronomy -especially Greek cuisine.

A few words about the series’ brand name
Seven ate nine, one of the most classic wordplay jokes in English becomes part of our brand as its name. Seven never actually ate nine, but the expression is timeless and familiar to everyone. By “borrowing” this familiarity, we incorporate it into our narrative since food and its consumption are at its center literally and figuratively.

Designer : Kemosabe studio

Location : Thessaloniki, Greece

Project : Seven Ate Nine

Client : Ormos Trades