May 15, 2024


Elavi is a Los Angeles-based women owned healthy snack brand founded by fitness trainers and fearless entrepreneurs Michelle and Nikki. Elavi redefines the snack industry with its commitment to providing consumers with a guilt-free and nutritionally rich snacking experience. Specializing in low-sugar gut-friendly dessert treats, Elavi goes beyond conventional offerings by seamlessly blending healthy choices with irresistible flavors.

The brand owners came to JUST DESIGN FX in need of a total brand makeover as well as re-inventing their package designs for their existing and upcoming product line. Creative agency’s challenge was to stand out on the market shelves and differentiate amongst the competition by setting a very clear brand tone of voice for the Elavi product family.

“We started our rebranding journey by re-designing the brand logo and setting a refreshed attitude on the visual brand strategy. We made sure that the new logo and color palette reflected the bold and strong attitude of the brand’s vision. We came up with the new brand tagline, “Sweet but mighty” which reflects the health-conscious and active lifestyle of the brand consumers.

We gave a complete makeover to the Cashew Butter package designs with the objective of building a cohesive visual brand language across all Elavi products while infusing the much-needed joy into their visual design world.”

The captivating illustrations, icons, and color-coded graphic world on each package design acts as a binding element across different flavors while showcasing the playfulness aspect of the brand. The result of the rebranding proudly showcases that healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

Elavi’s product line is currently sold in multinational retail market chains across the U.S. and online.


Location : Istanbul, Turkey

Project : Elavi Cashew Butter

Client : Elavi