March 6, 2024


Holi Scoops, a brand of healthy and delicious ice cream, founded by Camille Lasker and Jenna Grossbart in Los Angeles, California, is known for its enticing frozen desserts: plant-based, sugar-free, suitable for the keto diet, and enriched with mood-enhancing plants. When we think of “better-for-you” products, we usually envision calm and subdued colors. In this case, we wanted to do exactly the opposite. The personality we crafted for Holi Scoops is fun, youthful, and cheerful; the chosen colors reflect that vibrant characteristic. This energetic look extends to the typography and logo, using bold geometric fonts that contrast the product’s tranquility with the brand’s boldness. The accompanying icon in the logo serves as a central spark in graphic applications, complementing the energy of the compositions and illustrations.
One of the brand’s core concepts is “feeling Holi,” and the primary element representing this is the illustration of the woman on the front of all the packaging. We drew inspiration from fashion illustrations to create a figure that embodies internal peace with a contemporary style, reflecting the mood someone should experience when enjoying the product.

Designer : Heavy

Location : Guadalajara, Mexico

Project : Holi Scoops

Client : Camille Lasker and Jenna Grossbart