January 21, 2024

Gamze Binici

Bon Gifting is a luxury gifting company giving services for individuals and companies with high quality contents. The company focuses on bringing functional and aesthetic products together in ready-to-send gift boxes with personalized details such as hand written notes and dried flowers. From simple gestures to special occasions, they have a range of gift selections, also preparing special contents for corporate gifting such as employment kits or holiday boxes.

During the research phase I realized that existing brands not only disregard the quality of their content but also lack efforts to achieve a visual harmony that appeals to the aesthetics. For Bon Gifting, I aimed to create a modern and elegant brand identity design to highlight the brand’s premium quality and meticulously crafted contents.

The choices of pastel colors, minimal packaging designs and dreamy product photography details differentiate Bon Gifting from other brands on the market. As a typeface, elegant choices of script and serif fonts were combined to convey a sense of quality and authenticity. The inspiration for the sub mark comes from brand’s signature piece handmade dried flower bundles.

It was a great experience for me to help building a long lasting brand identity and be responsible for different aspects of the project such as art direction and photography.

Designer : Gamze Binici

Location : Antalya, Turkey

Project : Bon Gifting

Client : Bon Gifting