June 9, 2024

Episode Two

As a mum to young children, Sarah McKegney was astounded by the amount of waste they were creating during bathtime. With three little heads to wash, the volume of plastic bottles they were getting through felt excessive.
Added to this, trying to get the kids to wash their own hair resulted in shampoo being squirted all over the bathroom!

Having seen shampoo bars in the market for adults, she knew this would be a great solution, but couldn’t find a child friendly version anywhere…

…so, the idea for Percy & Pop was born – shampoo bars, formulated specifically for children. Each bar is made from 100% natural ingredients, with a coconut base that creates an amazing lather.

The start point for any brand is their identity – this is the key to recognition, not only in identifying products in a sea of competitors, but crucially for making sure the consumer remembers who you are. The friendly, script font chosen for Percy & Pop is combined with bespoke ‘bathtime’ elements to add extra personality and reflect the product proposition – making it a distinctive and recognisable asset for the brand.

For the packaging design, Episode Two created a range of ‘Bubblebuddies’ to be the Percy & Pop heroes.

These beautiful and bespoke, hand-drawn illustrations are designed to engage and excite little ones, and to win parents hearts through building that all important emotional connection, as the characters become part of the bath time experience.
The soft and natural colour palette was also chosen to visually reflect how kind-to-the-skin these products are.

“I’ve put so much love and care into developing these products, this brand is like another baby to me! I love how Episode Two took on that same care and attention to create our brand identity and packaging design, and I’m so excited to be able to share Percy & Pop with the world!”
Sarah McKegney, Percy & Pop Founder

Designer : Episode Two

Location : Bristol, United Kingdom

Project : Percy & Pop Shampoo Bars

Client Percy & Pop