March 29, 2024

DDH Branding Consultancy

Prior to developing the website, we dedicated significant effort to visually promoting the Solignac brand. Our team meticulously crafted key visuals tailored for various POS materials, enabling our client to showcase their product effectively across multiple channels.
Building upon this visual foundation, we developed an interactive website to further immerse users in the world of Solignac vodka. We aimed to seamlessly integrate the captivating visuals we had crafted into an engaging online experience that would resonate with visitors.
Central to our approach was creating an interactive website allowing users to explore Solignac vodka in a dynamic and immersive manner. Upon landing on the homepage, visitors are greeted by rotating bottles of Solignac vodka, offering a comprehensive view of their design and contents.
This interactive feature not only allows users to experience the product virtually but also serves as a gateway to discovering the diverse flavours and cocktail possibilities offered by Solignac vodka. By highlighting the ingredients within each bottle and suggesting suitable cocktail pairings, we aimed to inspire exploration and experimentation.
To achieve this, we meticulously crafted a vast array of 3D bottle shots, capturing every angle and position to ensure a seamless and fluid rotation as users scroll. This painstaking attention to detail enhances the user experience, elevating the website beyond mere functionality to a captivating journey of discovery.

Designer : DDH Branding Consultancy

Location : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Project : Solignac: Premium French Vodka – Development of KV and Website

Client : Maison Solignac