March 16, 2024

D'Aroma Studio

A project created in collaboration with: UPM Raflatac, Luxoro – Leonhard Kurz, VETROelite Group, Vinolok, Sovemec, T&K Srl, SenseCatch.
Ginnasium, the first neuromarketing case study of gin design. A packaging project to tell the story of my region, Abruzzo.
The studio emphasizes the relationship between the Abruzzo region and the nature of the product, London Dry Gin, through an unusual link where the heart pierced by the seven swords, an expression of religiosity and popular culture of the Italian region, is associated with English punk imagery.

Designer : D’Aroma Studio

Location : Pescara, Italy

Project : Ginnasium / God save the gin

Client : /