January 29, 2024

Dabro Studio

Sinigual, a distinguished pasta brand with its roots in Italy, stands as a testament to excellence. Renowned for its meticulous manufacturing process, the brand consistently upholds a standard of high quality. From the careful selection of premium raw materials to an unwavering passion for every intricate detail, Sinigual creates a culinary experience that is not only unique but also irresistibly delicious.

To craft visually stunning pasta boxes for every variant set to be produced, the task demanded allure and practicality. These designs were expected to captivate attention but also ensure effortless recognition of the distinct contents within each box. The challenge was to marry aesthetics with functionality, creating packaging that is both visually appealing and intuitively informative.

Designer : Dabro Studio

Location : Colombia

Project : Sinigual Pasta

Client : Sinigual