June 23, 2024

Clay Andrews

Dark Lark
Ignite the Night

Welcome to a new world whisky, where after dark falls, the extraordinary awaits. This limited release from Australia’s most iconic distillery, Lark, is a compilation of the brand’s creative genius and Tasmania’s pure environment.

Inspired by the awe of the Tasmanian skies, Dark Lark, transforms the night into a canvas for the remarkable. Each sip stirs your curiosity, uncovering the boundless adventures that await. Dark Lark invites you to step into the dark, and ignite the night.

The bottle and gifting both come alive in the consumer’s hand, with the Aurora Australis overprinting a silver foil, creating a subtle movement of colour within the Aurora when viewed from different angles. Tasmania’s iconic Cradle Mountain has been die-cut from the textual base label ensuring a sense of place. A bold and brave pack designed to ignite the night.

Designer : Clay Andrews

Location : Australia

Project : Dark Lark

Client : Lark