January 24, 2024


BiaSol was established in 2020 with the mission of addressing food wastage, enhancing nutrition, and fostering familial bonds. Despite residing on opposite sides of the globe – Ruairi in Australia and Niamh in Ireland – they sought a means to stay connected and contribute to a cause dear to their hearts. Their initial revelation was recognizing that repurposing food waste not only promoted sustainability but also facilitated the creation of wholesome food products. Inspired by the burgeoning craft brewing trend in Ireland, they zeroed in on their first key ingredient: brewers’ spent grains. The outcome was a line of ready-made baked goods that not only promote well-being but also contribute positively to the environment.

Approaching Brandcentral for packaging design that effectively communicated the dual benefits of nutrition and up-cycling, a category disrupting concept emerged. The packaging featured an array of characters, their arms adorned with symbols representing gut health and upcycling. The rebrand proved hugely successful, with product listings skyrocketing from 20 stores to over 300 stores.

Designer : Brandcentral

Location : Dublin, Ireland

Project : BiaSol packaging and Brand Identity

Client : BiaSol