June 8, 2024


Guido Marsella was among the first winemakers to believe in the longevity of Fiano di Avellino, going so far as to make a courageous choice: to put the wines on the market two years after the harvest. This vocation for refinement recalls a very close bond with Time. And therefore with history. Therefore, when creating the labels, we delved into the classical iconography of these lands of Magna Grecia.
The label die takes inspiration from the territory, with the shape of the Summonte mountain, where the farm is based, and is printed on Modì White Fedrigoni paper with a stone effect that recalls the rock of the mountain, giving an interesting tactile effect .
The illustration, created according to the dictates of Greek classicism, depicts a man offering a bunch of grapes to a woman. The woman represents the Earth, Nature, Life, while the man represents the effort of the work necessary to transform the vine into wine.
A gold foil highlights the stream that flows next to the vineyards and gives them vitality.
Also in gold is the GM (Guido Marsella) monogram printed in hot foil with embossing.
The label is snug, it completely envelops the bottle, and the fonts are drawn entirely by hand.

Designer : BasileADV

Location : Bonito, Italy

Project : Marsella Fiano di Avellino

Client Guido Marsella