February 17, 2024

Barney Studio

The dating app Btrfly received a complete rebranding and redesign from Barney Studio. We have prepared an innovative and advanced visual identity, thanks to which the brand has the opportunity to reach the hearts of even the biggest opponents of love. When working for Btrfly, we took various factors into consideration. Among others, it was also the importance of differentiating colors and elements from the main competitors such as Tinder or Bumble applications. It was therefore important to come up with differentiating elements, not only in the field of colors, but of the entire visual identity as such. Our illustrator has created and developed a unique set of icons which are used for online and offline communication, based on the visual identity’s graphic elements and colors. Each of the icons represents the services and values that Btrfly offers to its users.

Btrfly app’s UI design is a delightful fusion of bright, brand-aligned colors that infuse vibrancy and energy into the user experience. The dynamic and user-friendly interface not only resonates with Btrfly app’s lively identity but also creates a fun and engaging journey for users. Its intuitive layout and interactive elements make navigating the app an enjoyable and effortless experience, ensuring users connect with Btrfly’s vibrant spirit from the moment they open the app.

Designer : Barney Studio

Location : Bratislava, Slovakia

Project : Btrfly

Client : Btrfly.app