March 4, 2024

Backbone Branding

Café about coffee

A client approached us with a vision to launch a café featuring a diverse range of global coffees, sweets, and coffee-based cocktails. The challenge was to develop a fitting brand name and identity for this concept. Inspired by the business idea, we named it “Cafeopia” to evoke a sense of a coffee-centric country. Complementing the name, our team crafted a slogan: “Café about coffee.”
The visual identity concept for Cafeopia revolves around hand-picked beans, placing human hands at the forefront as unique characters. Unlike other brands employing full-bodied characters, Cafeopia features hands transformed into characters, with patterns and colors emphasizing femininity or masculinity, adding personality. Various product depictions showcase hands in different positions, holding items like coffee beans or sugar cubes. This distinctive identity extends to packaging for a diverse coffee range, as well as coffee cups, coasters, and takeaway holders.
In addition, we designed packaging for a variety of complementary sweets, including ice cream tubs. The ice cream packaging incorporates colors and patterns that symbolize the taste and flavor of each kind, further enhancing the overall visual appeal of the brand. Utilizing modern digital printing technology, diverse brand identity variations have been created across multiple products. This allows the client to experiment with different designs and identify which packaging resonates best with consumers.

Designer : Backbone Branding

Location : Yerevan, Armenia

Project : Cafeopia

Client : Royal Armenia