March 30, 2024

Andrea Basile / BasileADV-Resistenza

With Ginnasium we want to experiment with new aesthetic solutions linked to premium territorial gin.
A tribute to the legendary founder of Naples, to the beauty and charm of Capri: a dive into the blue.
And the color blue, symbol of the city, in this case inspired by Blu Ponti and the ceramics of Giò Ponti, architect and designer who has created several creations in Naples and on the coast.
The name Ginnasium combined with the illustration of the mermaid is consistent with the classicism of Parthenope already described by Homer, and also the “gymnastic” meaning of the name matches well with the goddess portrayed in a sinuous and dynamic pose. The bottle is the Capri model from the Vetroelite glassware. For the name Partenope, a condensed, clear and graceful lettering was designed, on which shadows printed in blue foil were inserted to give dimension and relief.
The paper is Jazz Ice Premium FSC by UPM Raflatac with a pleasant texture, blue finishing, cast blue, debossing, and screen printing UV. For the closure, the Vinolok glass stopper from the Edge collection was chosen with a turquoise internal lining, a drop of the sea that slowly descends into the bottle.

Designer : Andrea Basile / BasileADV-Resistenza

Location : Bonito, Italy

Project : Ginnasium – Mitra

Client : Ginnasium