March 23, 2024

Andrea Basile / BasileADV-Resistenza

With Ginnasium we want to experiment with new aesthetic solutions linked to premium territorial gin.
A tribute to the miter of San Gennaro, the most important treasure in the world, which becomes the most representative iconic element of the label, which is pervaded with sacredness. The bottle, with a square base, inspired the design of a wraparound label on all four sides, with three different finishes, thick engravings, transparent and white UV screen printing. The miter is shaped with reserve, to see the product in transparency, and is made with microembossing and nanoembossing engravings with 3 different green and red gold foils that recall the preciousness of rubies and emeralds.
The screen-printed UV prints enhance the decorations taken from San Gennaro’s cloak reproduced on UPM Raflatac Cotton Black impasto paper. In this context, the name Ginnasium takes on the sound of a prayer in Latin, almost of a celebratory moment, in a cross-reference between the sacred and the profane. The most significant texts and graphic elements are in gold, like the decorative elements in Neapolitan churches which, combined with the black background, creates a glamorous effect decidedly in line with the premium positioning of the product.
The Ginnasium lettering has a baroque, highly decorated style, consistent with the scenographic spirit of the label.
The collar bears the year of the sanctification of San Gennaro. For the closure, the Vinolok Deco glass stopper from the Edge collection with gold laminated interior was chosen.

Designer : Andrea Basile / BasileADV-Resistenza

Location : Bonito, Italy

Project : Ginnasium – Partenope

Client : Ginnasium