July 9, 2024

Andrea Basile / BasileADV

Le Mandilé is an ambitious project: to create the most expensive gin in Italy and one of the most expensive in the world. It is a London Dry Gin produced with the double filtration method, which completely removes impurities, refines and enhances the aromatic profile, giving greater sensorial softness.
The botanicals include juniper, Montella PGI chestnuts, Montella PGI chestnut honey, cinnamon, mandarin, orange blossom, coriander, laurel and gold.And gold is the protagonist of the bottle. The choice of material already denotes preciousness and uniqueness: it is in fact designed and made entirely by hand in fine porcelain.And gold is the underlying theme of the elegant anthracite gray bottle, on which gold stands out in numerous decorative elements. The engraving on the front, handmade and colored in debossed gold. The golden ring on the top of the bottle, in gold coated embossing.
The cap with pure gold foil. The label is only on the back, an applied sheet of metal which contains the legal wording.
The bottle is made of glass from the Vetro Elitè company painted with an intense matt black, the label is made of flexible aluminium, with various embossing and debossing elements rolled in hot gold. The gold color returns to the cap.
The texts on the shoulder of the bottle are made of gold embossing, for a pleasantly tactile perception; the label has the same color as the glass, for a trompe l’oeil effect. The atmosphere evokes the world of perfumery, because Le Mandilé gin has its strong point precisely in its very intense perfume.

Designer : Andrea Basile / BasileADV

Location : Bonito, Italy

Project : Gin Le Mandilè

Client : Le Mandilè