May 12, 2024

Andrea Basile / BasileADV

Nifo is a wine cellar in Sannio on the historic Via Francigena and Latina, the road that led south from Rome. Here the same land that nourishes the vineyards reveals fascinating archaeological finds that tell stories of over 2000 years, from Magna Gracia to the Italic peoples, the Romans and the Lombards. At home it was said that when the grandparents plowed the land, archaeological finds often emerged. Here the land lives on history and myths, and every now and then the past resurfaces. Thus images of finds found in the Sannio area were depicted on the wine labels.
The label is made of Fedrigoni PPL, printed entirely in opaque white with hot gold and UV serigraphic details. The original illustration represents a Roman-era mask found in the local area. Some elements are highlighted by a silk-screen UV treatment which creates a thick material effect.

Designer : Andrea Basile / BasileADV

Location : Bonito, Italy

Project : Sarriano

Client : Nifo Sarrapochiello