March 18, 2024

ABC Design Communication

In Veria, a city in Northern Greece, the company “Kafekopteio Kyma SA” with a tradition of three generations of coffee grinders since 1973, transforms its passion for excellent coffee in the best way. With scientific knowledge, laboratory research and the best technological equipment, it dynamically enters the filter coffee market, creating a special blend of selected 100% Arabica coffee beans, with an intense taste of chocolate, caramel, hazelnut and floral notes. The challenge for ABC DESIGN was the creation of the Coffee Wave logo, and the design of the packaging. The design strategy focused on the distinct quality of the coffee as well as its unique aromatic taste. The idea was based on the harmonious coexistence of coffee ingredients, its aroma, the surprise of its taste. The image created was full of twists and turns with diverse objects surrounding a man, leading him on a journey full of contrasts and dreams. A journey of pleasure. The deconstruction and at the same time the joining of the elements of the image together challenges the viewer-consumer to try this coffee. Playing with the imagination and the dream wins his impressions and the Coffee Wave filter coffee becomes the package that stands out.

Designer : ABC Design Communication

Location : Athens, Greece

Project : Coffee Wave, filter coffee

Client : Kyma coffee