March 25, 2024

A.S. Strategy, Branding & Communication

✓✓Our goal was to create a corporate gift that would convey a social message to high-end clients who are usually decision makers.
We thought of the people who go for interviews or pitch an idea, only to be rejected. Of how much talent has been wasted just because someone said “no” at a crucial moment. We thought of the story of Michelangelo. How in 1501, when he was still young, took a rejected piece of marble and transformed it into David, one of the greatest works of the Renaissance. That discarded marble inspired us. We found pieces of marble that no one wanted, pieces that would end up in the rubbish, and created packages for a high-quality olive oil. Each such package was unique and highlighted the beauty of its marble. We named this pack “YES,” in reaction to the dismissive “NO.”
We searched and found pieces of marble that no one wanted and would have ended up in the trash, and we created packaging for a high quality olive oil. Each such packaging was unique – no one was the same as another – and highlighted the beauty of its marble.
This corporate gift conveys a message. It’s time for ‘no’ to become ‘yes.’ Turn negativity and patronising into empowerment. If we get rejected, we try again. And again. There is no such thing as failing. Only self-awareness, self-esteem, and the pursuit of our dreams. It’s time to turn rejection into an opportunity that opens up new horizons and makes us resourceful, stronger, and more creative.
This packaging is a message of hope. And one of the most beautiful gifts our client got from us.

Designer : A.S. Strategy, Branding & Communication

Location : Athens, Greece

Project : NAI

Client : Elgeka