November 2, 2023

W Design Bureau

“Fabrika Coffee” is a coffee brand with over a decade of roasting experience. The brand’s logo reflects its commitment to highlighting the uniqueness of the product, featuring custom visuals that represent the coffee production process.

At the core of the logo is a stylized letter “O,” symbolizing elements of a coffee roaster, underscoring that “Fabrika Coffee” conducts its roasting in-house. Every detail of the logo speaks to the brand’s dedication to the quality of the roasting process and invites coffee enthusiasts to delve into the fascinating world of coffee artistry.

A distinctive feature of the brand’s signature is the inclusion of the founding year. Despite being a relatively new player in the coffee market, this minor yet significant addition emphasizes the accumulated experience and professionalism of the founders. It serves as a reminder that, despite their relative youth, the brand possesses deep knowledge and expertise acquired over the course of a decade.

In a world where coffee is not just a beverage but a genuine ritual, “Fabrika Coffee” stands out as a brand capable of offering exceptional quality and inspiring true coffee connoisseurs. Each package bearing this brand’s name carries knowledge, passion, and craftsmanship, making the coffee experience truly unique.

As a result, the “Fabrika Coffee” logo becomes a symbol of outstanding coffee quality and the art of its preparation, which this brand has been presenting to the world for over a decade.

Designer : W Design Bureau

Location : Istanbul, Turkey

Project : Magnolia – The Greatness of a Moment