January 24, 2023


The Barricarte brothers seek to start a new wine project with attention to detail as the winery’s guiding maxim, from vineyard to packaging. With three generations of winemaking experience behind them, they have now decided to take a step forward and, from their best plots of land, offer a wine which they identify with, and which represents them.

From the nickname by which they are known in their village – Rompecopas – we built our own distinctive imaginary, which serves to bring the enjoyment of their wine to the forefront. Inspired by the real history of their nickname, we transferred this narrative to all its elements.

A story which leads us to discover what Rompecopas means, and which takes us back to times when effort and hard work were considered values in themselves as a guarantee of success.

– To pay tribute to previous generations and their approach to understanding viticulture.
– To weave an engaging story, their very own, one which draws from their family traditions and references.
– A range in which each wine has its own personality and is connected by a single heritage.


We seek to transport those who taste it to another time – back to when effort, dedication, and devoting all one’s energies into driving a project forward were highly valued… Times when a word given, an honest exchange of glances and a handshake were what counted. Those were the times of grandfather Agustín – a hard-working winegrower who appreciated and differentiated a good wine from an exceptional one, and that to achieve this, it was necessary to work in the vineyard, at source.

Day and night, with determination, he toiled tirelessly, hardly celebrating or fêting. Such was his determination to make his vineyards the maximum expression of excellence, his neighbours began to affectionately call him “rompecopas”, the “glass-breaker”, an exaggeration of his absence from the bars and taverns.

A nickname which has remained affectionately linked to the family, generation after generation. Pride in being recognised as authentic, hard-working winegrowers, who dream of waking up one morning to a world free from bad wines…

We leverage the whole proposal to reflect that specific moment, with a clear vintage inspiration which takes us back to a very specific time.


An emphatic typographic composition which reflects the character of the Rompecopas: frank, direct, honest, without pretence or double standards. A declaration of intentions embodied in all the elements, from the glass broken by lightning to the words which accompany it: “primum vivere, deinde philosophare” – “Live first, philosophise later”.

A pragmatic proverb which holds great doses of truth. Life and philosophy as two essential vectors of the human condition, sometimes mutually exclusive, other times complementary.Ideal words which describe precisely, without illustrations, what Rompecopas proposes: the absence of distractions.

The verbal branding amplifies this intention in all the elements which comprise the packaging, as shown on the neck label; Dedication and Conviction: The two masters who guide us: Total dedication without limits, and the courage to strive for excellence.


In its production, Rompecopas explores materiality and the absence of superfluous elements. Neutral, barely treated textures and processes provide added information without obscuring the message – to show that what is most important is inside the bottle: an expression of their way of understanding viticulture.


Rompecopas seeks to transport us, with a classic yet emphatic aesthetic, to times when dedication and effort were highly cherished values. The Barricarte family nickname is a declaration of intentions which, honestly, frankly, and without pretence, is embodied in this range of wines.

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Designer : TSMGO

Location : Logrono, Spain

Project : Rompecopas I Primum vivere, deinde philosophare