March 16, 2023

SEMITONE Design Studio

Conceptual project regarding a local Tsipouro (Greek Spirit) based in Boeotia, close to Cithaeron mountain.

Cithaeron (Κιθαιρών, -ῶνος) is a mountain in Central Greece, composed of limestone and rises to 1,409 meters. In historic times, the mountain acted as a backdrop to the Battle of Plataea of 479 BC, while the locals also personified the mountain as their primal king. In Greek mythology Cithaeron was especially sacred to Dionysus and also where Heracles hunted and killed the Lion of Cithaeron.

The name “KITHAERON” is derived from the combination of the greek word Κιθαιρών and the latin Cithaeron. The naming direction was chosen due to the mountain’s rich ancient history and the connection to Dionysus fests.

For the logotype, a serif font was designed to give an elegant and modern look to the brand. Instead of the capital “O”,an alternative glyph of “Ω” (Omega), was used. The lower part of the glyph has a wavy form in a representation of Tsipouro’s liquid motion and the ancient Greek accent symbol “perispomeni” (Κιθαιρῶνος).

Packaging/Label Design:
The label design derives inspiration from the ancient history and mythology of the area. Natural off-white paper, silver foil, black and a doric use of typography and elements, give a modern yet highbrow aesthetic aura to the traditional product, while maintaining its primal undertones. A triangle cut on the bottom symbolizes the mountain, while its peak height and location are placed over it, to put emphasis on the localization of the product. The minimal bottle design was chosen as the blank canvas of the label, with a capped cork used for both pragmatic and aesthetic reasons.

Designer : SEMITONE Design Studio

Location : Athens, Greece