May 25, 2023

Nitid Studio

Ruani is a pioneering dessert brand offering a unique twist on indulgence. Their debut product line features adaptogen brownies that not only satisfy your cravings but also promote gut health. Rather than emphasizing their guilt-free nature, we aimed to showcase the irresistible appeal of the treats while surprising consumers with their minimal ingredient list and health benefits.
To convey a sense of indulgence, we focused on vibrant colors and captivating imagery, evoking the pleasure of indulging in a decadent dessert. We strategically portrayed the product in a balancing act, symbolizing lightness and serving as a distinctive asset for the brand. Our approach was grounded in scientific research, ensuring that every design element resonated with the target audience.
The packaging design reflects the modernity and cleanliness of the brand, making it unmistakable as a healthy alternative to traditional brownies. Additionally, we positioned the product on the left side, leveraging the psychological phenomenon of “processing fluency” to create the perception of a lighter, more enjoyable treat.
To communicate the product’s benefits clearly, we developed a system of icons, making it easier for consumers to understand the advantages at a glance. Unlike other health-focused brands that overload their packaging with information, we kept the front design clean and streamlined to prevent cognitive fatigue and maximize consumer engagement. Ruani offers a guilt-free indulgence that surprises and delights, inviting consumers to savor a delectable treat that’s as wholesome as it is enticing.

Designer : Nitid Studio

Location : Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project : Ruani