November 7, 2023

Nasia Kapetaniou

Branding and packaging by K2 Design

“Akranis” – a word no longer in use but in traditional songs from islands in frontier areas, and means friend, companion. Friends have also become the two warriors depicted in the new logo, Hercules and Chalcon, as witnessed in the former’s labours set in Kos.”
The need for redefining has reinvigorated the wine-making aspirations of our production team, thus presenting a modern and flexible code-list. News wines are capable to fulfill modern markets’ different needs; and mostly display the soil profile, the varieties’ typicity and the low yields of the 15 hectares proprietary vineyard. Devotion to detail and expertise lead to the production of wines with character and complexity.

Designer : Nasia Kapetaniou

Location : Athens, Greece

Project : Ktima Akrani