April 19, 2023

Martin Grassl

Porfidio is famed for its Single-Agave agave spirits. Agave spirits, such as Tequila and Mezcal, are associated with Mexico. Owing to Wild West movies, both Mexico and the agave plant are associated with the rugged desert. The Wild West desert, sequentially, is best symbolized by the Cactus. Hence a bottle was created that incorporates a stylized saguaro cactus in its midst to wordlessly convey the content of the bottle, an agave spirit from Mexico, which, at 25% Alc., is classified as an agave shochu.

The bottle design is executed as a collection of 6 colors in one box because, in numerology, “6” is the number of Venus, or Love. The selected glass colors symbolize the colors of desert flowers. In the spirit of harmony, as a subtle contrepoint to the eye, 3 of the glass colors are executed in opaque opaline color glass and other 3 in transparent glass colors.

Any well executed product design should also incorporate an element of ongoing “discovery” that only reveals itself over time. Our element of discovery is to be found in one of the six glass cacti, blown in amethyst glass. Amethyst glass changes its color in accordance to the light source, ranging from light celestial blue to dark purple. Yet the color change only reveals itself as the liquid within the bottle is consumed over time, hence exposing the naked, color-changing glass cactus.

The bottles incorporate an element of non-fungible individuality, as no bottles are every 100% identical, because they are painstakingly hand-blown by skilled artisans in Tlaquepaque, Mexico.

Designer : Martin Grassl

Location : Zurich, Switzerland

Project : The Suave by Porfidio (Agave Shochu 25% Alc.)