February 16, 2023

Ivory Ho

Candles are a secondary product of contact lens brands, mainly used to enhance the brand experience and stimulate the purchase rate of the main product. In terms of design, it is no longer necessary to follow the visual specifications of the existing products, and instead it is represented by a symbol extended by the logo, which is deformed by the m on the “moody”.
In this way, there can be common elements on the packaging that can help to extend the packaging of various fragrances. The shape is presented in thin lines, connected to each other on the six sides of the cube, forming a neat layout while also cutting the picture. Scents can be presented as images, and shapes play the role of frames in the picture; thin lines can also be transformed into thick lines to directly become an illustration style.
The brand hides this symbol in many avenues or packaging, and it carries a variety of purposes, not only to provide elements, but also to expand the visual imagination of marketing. Although the protagonist is still the logo, it hope that this more simplified form can also unconsciously remind consumers of the brand itself.

Designer : Ivory Ho

Location : Taipei, Taiwan

Project : Moody Scented Candle