March 3, 2023

Estúdio Bogotá

The so-called ready-to-drink products are experiencing strong growth in the market due to their versatility. That’s why YVY has released three canned drinks developed from each of the gins in its original trilogy. The YVY G&T drink is a classic cocktail with gin, tonic, Sicilian lemon, Valencia orange and juniper. Carimbó has a strong Brazilian flavor and is made with gin, ginger, cambuci and pacová, two species native to South America . Finally, Xaxado is a fruity option with gin, hibiscus, mate tea, passion fruit and uvaia.

Diversity, mixture, and Brazilian essence, in an impactful, original way. Strong and striking colors, not afraid to be daring, with special icons that indicate their distilled pair: Gin Terra (Earth), Mar (Sea), and Ar (Air). The names of the drinks – Xaxado and Carimbó – celebrate regional dances and dialogue with Brazilian popular culture, which is always a protagonist theme in YVY projects, while Gin & Tonic appears as classic option for cocktails.

Three drinks in 269ml (9oz) cans and made with unique and high-quality ingredients. The packaging design conveys lightness, freshness, and balance for those who don’t want to give up a well-made drink, with the energy that every moment asks for.

Estúdio Bogotá team:
Creative Direction: Paula Cotta and Renata Polastri;
Graphic Design: Eduardo Araújo;
Photography: Rafael Motta and Juliano Arantes.

Designer : Estúdio Bogotá

Location : Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Project : Yvy canned gin drinks