March 4, 2023

Drill Studio

The name comes from the theory attributed to the Norwegian Finn Skarderud, according to which our body works perfectly with 0.5 degrees of alcohol in the blood. We created this brand originally from Monterotondo (Rome, Italy) dedicated to the production of craft beers. Palapa Escape, Into White and Doma give rise to this family of craft beers.

The goal of the client (3 young entrepreneurs) was to move away from the idea of a classic craft beer and previous generations. Be disruptive and be recognized for their joviality and great knowledge in the world of food and beverages.

Through geometric compositions, fresh and striking contrasts we create a striking and consistent image between three beers from the same family but different in their composition.

Packaging / Brand Identity / beer

Designer : Drill Studio

Location : Rome, Italy and Mexico City, Mexico

Project : Zero.5