March 2, 2023

Casa Gato - Diseño, ingenio & branding

Living in a “Fuertecito” way is going further without annoying, it’s being passionate and helping the ones around you, It’s standing your ground and not letting anyone humiliate you. Fuertecito is a vital philosophy of personal growth, perseverance and, above all, good vibes. And as coffee, we celebrate it, share it and enjoy it.

Fuertecito is a brand that praises in a jolly way the nice, tasty Mexican coffee, pouring a big dose of personality and coolness to the daily experience of enjoying a cup of coffee.

In this project we created a simple, jolly and dynamic brand, composed by typographic elements, an illustrated character and a shinny and colorful palette resulting in branding full of personality and presence, with lots of contrast and harmony.

Throughout Fuertecito’s branding you’ll see our character showing different gestures and poses allowing us to create tons of amusing communication pieces without being repetitive.

Fuertecito celebrates coffee with colors, attitude and good vibes.

Designer : Casa Gato – Diseño, ingenio & branding

Location : Mexico City, Mexico

Project : Fuertecito – Café con gusto