November 3, 2023

Black Pepper Design

Café com Passagem is a family business focused on the specialty coffee market located in Foz do Iguaçu-PR. The need for this redesign came with the aim of praising the special Brazilian coffee bean, creating a brand aligned with the quality of the product that is able to reach international territories as well as the expectations of the specialty coffee consumer, who generally seeks knowledge about the world. of coffee and appreciates the stories behind each cup.

Specialty coffee in Brazil is treated in a very meticulous way, a process that involves many people and respects nature. The visual identity was built based on these precepts, with elements that reinforce craftsmanship, manual harvesting, people, Brazilian culture and also sustainability. The symbol in the typography represents coffee and the world, the Brazilian specialty coffee that has gained a prominent position in a global context. For the supporting graphic elements, animals from the Brazilian fauna (mainly from the Paraná region), the legend of Naipi and Tarobá, and drawings that illustrate the wisdom of the past of coffee cultivation were used.

What’s the point: Create a Brazilian brand that reinforces all the quality, experience, tradition and exclusivity of specialty coffee, as well as adding sustainability to this medium.

Defense: This brand has reached the entire national and international territory with its products, and is in the process of expanding physical stores. It is currently one of the few specialty coffee companies in Brazil. Tourists from all over the world take special coffee from Café com Passagem to their friends and family as a “souvenir”. Even before trying the drink, you already understand that it is a differentiated coffee.

Designer : Black Pepper Design

Location : Foz de Iguaçu, Brazil

Project : Cafés Especiais – Café Com Passagem