May 17, 2023

BasileADV - Resistenza

1861 is the Gin that unites Italy.
His recipe calls for 20 different botanicals, one from each Italian region. Hence the name, 1861, the date of the unification of Italy.
The graphics of the label recall the artistic and decorative styles of the time. The 20 botanicals can be read through the transparency of the glass and the distillate, in the calligraphic writing on the inside of the back label.
The font of the 1861 logo was created ad hoc and drawn by hand to convey the period atmosphere at first sight.
The label is full of decorative elements, as was the custom in the graphics of that historical period:
Some graphic and aesthetic peculiarities.
The image of Euterpe and the botanicals used on the back label was obtained with the linocut technique. The matrix was created by hand, with the accuracy and wisdom of nineteenth-century craftsmen.
The back label is printed with phosphor color which becomes luminous in the dark, a center of attraction in the bottle cabinets of clubs and cocktail bars, often in dim light.

Designer : BasileADV – Resistenza

Location : Bonito, Italy

Project : Storia