May 3, 2023

Bashar Shash

Bafra is a brand that caters to cannabis lovers, tobacconists, and anyone interested in organic, sustainable alternatives for their health and lifestyle. Bafra believes in the power of nature and is committed to providing high-quality rolling papers that reflect this philosophy.

The brand’s name reflects this commitment, with “Bafra” being a play on the words which are associated with rolling papers. The brand’s identity was developed with a relaxed, playful approach, using vibrant colors and minimalist elements to convey a sense of irreverence and joy. Bafra’s target audience is open-minded and embraces the cannabis lifestyle. They are health-conscious and believe in the benefits of medical cannabis, which is rapidly becoming a global reality. Bafra’s products are designed to meet the needs of this audience, providing organic, sustainable alternatives that are both effective and enjoyable.

Designer : Bashar Shash

Location : Cairo, Egypt

Project : Bafra Rolling Papers