March 15, 2023


Los Cabos as the perfect setting for a comfort food project, beach, warmth, fresh air, good vibes, and food that uplifts the soul.

We collaborated on the graphic identity for Ruba’s, a Bakery & Bistro that draws inspiration from the taste and love of family recipes, traditionally passed down from generation to generation. The idea of legacy was the creative axis to build the narrative of the project, we wanted to express the care and affection for the preparation of food that distinguishes families, which reflects something of great quality and above all that makes people feel good, colors, shapes, logos, typography, and materials seek to construct this idea.

The graphic brand combines regular shapes and organic strokes, a decisive relationship to manifest trust and humanity, reason and emotion, situations associated with different cooking processes such as baking, frying, sautéing, etc.

The natural factor of the graphic brand is also intentionally expressed in a slogan that conveys the essence of the Bakery. This idea is then transformed into a line that runs through spaces, alluding to the idea of generational transmission of recipes whose main ingredient is love for cooking.

Ruba’s is located in one of the oldest buildings in San José del Cabo, now remodeled while preserving its characteristic essence. One of its most unique features is its exterior lattice, which inspired us to design the brand’s symbol, a simple composition, but with a lot of power to reflect the traditional and historical essence of the place.

The identity has a tonal range related to the maritime and desert environment of Los Cabos. Soft colors convey a place with a balanced atmosphere that invites us to enjoy a delicious sourdough bread, some delicious chilaquiles, or simply a good cup of coffee.

We designed a series of different logos that help associate the brand with something refined, natural, well-crafted, and full of flavor.

Ruba’s Bakery, a history and love that comforts the soul.

Designer : Bala

Location : San José del Cabo, Mexico

Project : Ruba’s Bakery