April 21, 2023

Ana Clemente Design

Intermarché’s Private Label, Selecção de Enófilos, brings together a wide range of wines from various wine regions and with different levels of quality. The need to create a coherent path to link the different labels and increase the differentiation of more qualitative wines led to the creation of a new graphic line.

Communication is centered on the identification of wine regions, as this is one of the most important factors influencing consumer choice. The new image, through natural elements, vines, birds, flowers and indigenous shrubs, reinforces ecological awareness and conveys an emotional message of harmony and beauty.

In each region, a bird friendly to wine production is highlighted. The insectivorous birds and plants used on the labels were chosen according to sighting records collected in the various wine regions. The vineyard, when constituted in such a way as to preserve heterogeneous landscapes with a greater diversity of birds and plants, is better protected from pests. Insectivorous birds can be important allies of biocontrol in wine production. The native flowers favor biodiversity and promote the balance of the entire ecosystem.

The perfect symbiosis between animals and plants is praised. The natural elements are not just inspiration, but represent the urgent need to repair ties with nature.

Designer : Ana Clemente Design

Location : Lisboa, Portugal

Project : Selecção de Enófilos