May 11, 2023

A.S. Strategy

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Dorothy, who had a passion for adventure and an insatiable love for chocolate and hazelnuts. She travelled far and wide in search of the perfect combination of these two ingredients and finally set out on a journey to discover the perfect recipe.

She embarked on a hazelnut shell and travelled through chocolate storms, hazelnut rain and milky waters. During her voyage she gathered the most delectable hazelnut cream and lushest chocolate.

With her recipe perfected, Dorothy decided to bring her creation to life and thus, Dorothy Noovel was born. The name Noovel is a whimsical way to say “Novel” as the spread is a novel take on the beloved hazelnut spread, but it’s also a novel in the sense of a story being told.

On the packaging design, the purple curtain serves as the backdrop for the brand’s story. The curtain draws you in, inviting you to take part in the narrative that unfolds inside. The chocolate waterfall on one side of the box symbolizes the richness and decadence of the spread, while the handful of hazelnuts on the other side is part of the landscape of Dorothy’s travels.

The design is further enhanced by the handwritten purple script that spells out “Dorothy,” which is a nod to the heroine’s signature. This personal touch adds a human element to the design, inviting customers to connect with the brand and its creator on a deeper level.
One of the standout features of the design is the slice of bread with the spread on top, which is showcased on one side of the box. This adds an element of realism and functionality, motivating people to envision themselves enjoying the product.

Dorothy Noovel is not just a delicious spread, it’s a story of passion, adventure, and the pursuit of excellence. Dorothy’s determination to share her love for chocolate and hazelnuts with the world is reflected on every detail of the box.

Designer : A.S. Strategy

Location : Athens, Greece

Project : Dorothy – Noovel