April 27, 2022

Virgo Design

Fluir is an uncomplicated accounting company, which is aimed at people who dream of owning their own business, but end up running into managerial and bureaucratic difficulties. In this, Fluir seeks to meet the need for assistance to these entrepreneurs, optimizing processes to Fluir results.

The first element chosen to bring the brand to life was its initial, as it brings name and icon together in the construction and becomes an easy association for its customers. Its organic shape and flowing lines create a unique look for the brand, from which it will build a strong and consistent visual universe.

The second concept is directly related to the company name and concepts such as uncomplicated, light and easy. Some characteristics that the company seeks when serving each customer. Its construction alludes to fluidity, natural current, wind or water in a proposal that presents counterforms that are filled by the brain (gestalt), which evidence a constant exchange between company and client (one needs the other), in the search for solutions and common results.

Designer : Virgo Design

Location : Pinhais, Brazil

Project : Visual Identity – Fluir Contabilidade